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Magwerks Magnetic Particle Inspection Training Courses

Class Room Facilties

Student Lab
Upcoming Training Courses (MPI Level II)

There are currently now upcoming classes. If you are interested please contact us.
Notice to our valued customers:

Magwerks has long strived to build the best magnetic particle inspection training program available. Early in this program we made the business decision to invest in continual improvement of the entire training program and materials so that we can bring the latest advances in technology and best training possible to our customers each and every time. Unfortunately it has come to our attention that Magwerks training materials are being used for non-Magwerks classes. This unauthorized use of our materials not only hurts Magwerks, but also in the long run it hurts the customer as well. The unknowing client receives less than the full training program and the certifications issued may be of questionable integrity under audit. The acid test to see if you have a Magwerks class, is to first check and see if the purchase orders were issued to Magwerks, then check to see if the payments were issued to Magwerks; if both of these conditions were not met, it is not (or was not) a Magwerks class. Begining March 1st 2007, all legitimate Magwerks' training materials will have the student's name and their employer's name printed at the bottom of each page.

Enclosed is information on our magnetic particle training course, which has been prepared to establish criteria for the qualification and/or certification of Nondestructive Testing Inspectors. They can be certified to Level I, Level II, or Level III in accordance with SNT-TC-1A or NAS 410 latest revisions, or if certification is not necessary , a special training course can be developed to meet your requirements.

Our courses are taught in our 12,000 sq. ft. training facility which has an equipment demonstration area. The course combines classroom, laboratory experiments, and hands on training with new equipment, offering the best all around training available. Actual cracked parts are used for student education.

Our schedule varies for this type of training throughout the year based upon the need of the clients. We generally try to group like students into a class, so that they may obtain the best possible training. Our minimum number of students necessary to hold a class is 6 people and purchase orders or payments must be made at least two weeks prior to the start of the course. The complete cost for class, including materials, is $1,695 per student. In order to secure a spot in the next available class, please contact us.

Procedure documentation can be developed by Magwerks, at an additional cost. For more information see the following information.

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